Most of us have heard it all of our life: Praying is good. However, few of us know how to pray. Praying is more than sending a prayer request email up to God, it’s a relationship in which we read, hear, listen, speak, respond, rest, meditate, muse, express, and remain in silence.


Praying Individually

-Thank God (for His work in your life)

-Worship God (according to His character as revealed by His Word and your relationship with Him)

-Listen to God
(If you’ve heard from God, then it will never contradict His written Word, the Bible)

-Write to God
(Write down the truths His Spirit is leading you to about your situation or about life in general)

-Speak to God
(“God, here is where I’m at…”)

-Turn away from sin to God (repent and confess your sins asking for forgiveness)

Praying in Groups

-Thank God (Go around in a circle and say one thing you are thankful for)

-Worship God (Play a worship song electronically or on an acoustic instrument)

-Listen to God
(as you hear from God, think about whether it would encourage, edify, or comfort someone (see 1 Cor 14:3))

-Speak to others (in a way that is encouraging, edifying, or comforting)

-Write to God (have each person write a sentence of worship to God and pass around the notebook. Each person should build off of the previous prayer)

Praying in Partnerships

-Thank God (Especially for something you have been praying about with your prayer partner that has been answered)

-Worship God (alternate saying praises to God, building off of one another)

-Listen to God (see if there is anything He would have you to encourage, edify, or comfort someone with like a Scripture or vision)

-Speak to others (according to they way in which the Lord has led you to do so)

-Confess your sin among one another (that you may be healed-see James 5:16).

-Write down prayer requests from one another (check them off each week as they are answered)

-Write to God (praise Him through writing and hand the notebook to one another until you have 10 sentences, creating a sort of modern-day Psalm)